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Sulphur 30 is one of the most used medicines in homoeopathic medical science. It is used for many skin-related diseases including psoriasis. Homoeopathic medical science believes that the human body can cure any disease by itself if the elements are well balanced inside the body.

It works on balancing the elements of the body with minimum doses to get maximum effect. Sulphur is one of the dilutions of the medicine that is used most commonly. This medicine is made upon the techniques of homoeopathic medicine and has proven its effects on skin issues for years. Here is a complete piece of information about the medicine, its uses, its effectiveness over psoriasis, and its side effects.



Sulphur is made up of sulphur spring that is well known for treating many skin alignments including psoriasis. It is also used to treat skin soreness, redness, Patchiness, and dryness. This medicine works from within the body and balances the disorders that are responsible for the symptoms. Once the disorders are being balanced, it automatically reduces the responses and provides relief to the patient.



Sulphur 30 uses sulphur springs as an active ingredient. Sulphur spring is nothing but the water that has sulphur content in it. Sulfur is the third most present element in skin tissues and hence, is very important for healthy skin.

This water has its own benefits for the skin naturally and can treat many acute skin disorders. The benefits are due to the properties of sulphur that are anti-inflammatory, astringent, disinfectant, and detoxifying. It is also beneficial for acne, acne scars, and any type of cysts.
It clears the bacterial infection and gives flawless skin.
Having these benefits of sulphur, sulphur also proves to be an effective treatment for many skin problems. The inactive ingredients include alcohol and sugar extracted from milk.



Sulphur 30 homoeopathic medicine uses for skin are countless. It treats almost every acute skin problem and some chronic problems as well. Here are some of the benefits for which this medicine is used the most-

Treats Eczema- exam is a certain condition when already present skin patches become inflamed, itchy, and give an uncomfortable experience. Eczema can be caused due to many symptoms, but it is usually connected to gene variation. The medicine sulphur is very helpful in treating eczema since it contains sulfur that gives the skin healthy tissues and helps to recover from skin irritation.

Skin allergies- Skin allergy can be because of many factors including allergies from plants, insects, metals, Sun exposure, and cosmetics, etc. Anything that comes in contact with skin that skin is not familiar with or refuses to accept can cause skin allergy.

Skin allergy can be because of the things being taken as food or beverage or can be because of outer aspects for example insect or bug bites, metals, and using different cosmetics. Skin allergy is often treated by the skin itself but the duration of the allergy can cause uncomfortable experiences and sulphur 30 can relieve the symptom of the allergy and provide comfort to the patient.

Abdomen issues- Abdominal issues such as food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection, gas, food allergy, food poisoning, and abdominal muscle pain, etc can also be treated with the help of sulphur.

Acidity- Main reasons responsible for acidity include poor lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, less physical activity, and spicy food. The acid can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient including pains in different body parts. Sulphur is a very effective medicine to regulate acid juices and treat acidity.

Irregular periods after childbirth- Childbirth comes with many changes in women’s bodies. During pregnancy, the periods stop for that duration which is responsible for irregular periods after delivery. While for some women these irregular periods can be acute and can get regulated in a short span of time. For others, it can be heavy and troublesome. Sulphur 30 is a great medicine to treat irregular periods and give comfortable periods without pain and any other irritation.



As mentioned, Sulphur 30 treats many skin issues including the symptoms that are shown in Psoriasis. Skin itchiness, patchiness, irritation, redness, and soreness, all these symptoms can be relieved by the use of Sulphur. Other than that, Sulphur 30 also regulates the immune system disorder which is the main cause of Psoriasis. Hence, it treats the disease from roots and reduces the symptoms as well.{1}



The dose of sulphur 30 should only be taken after consulting a doctor.



No side effects have been recorded to date of sulphur 30 till date making it possibly safe to use.




● Keep out of the range of children.

● Mothers that are breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use.

● Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.



● Do not intake alcohol or tobacco during the course period. These two can cancel out the effect of medicine giving no relief in symptoms.

● Avoid foods having strong smells like garlic, onion, coffee, tea, etc.

● Intaking chocolate and tamarind should also be avoided during any homoeopathy treatment.



Sulfur is a natural ingredient that is already found in abundance in our bodies. It is also responsible for new cell formation and a healthy life span of cells.
These cells are the basic unit of the human body. So, it is very important to keep these cells healthy to keep the skin healthy. Using sulphur 30 as a medicine ensures healthy cell reproduction providing relief from almost all skin-related issues including psoriasis.


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