Staphysagria is a homeopathic medicine that is used to fight various problems in the human body. It is made up of a plant using a specific technique to get the best results out of the plant. Plants are known to provide great medicinal help for years.
When medical science was not developed enough, the ancient doctors used to treat the patients with the help of these medicinal plants only, and no matter how much higher medical sciences develops these plants are showing the effect to date.
Different plants have been used to treat different diseases and effectively work to benefit society. Even today homeopathic doctors are using these medicines made with plants and organic ingredients to provide the best results to their patients without any side effects.

Homeopathy is known for the effective medicines without worrying about any side effects and that is the treason homeopathy is gaining popularity day by day.

Staphysagria is one such homeopathic medicinal plant that has been used by doctors to treat patients effectively and permanently. This plant basically has many properties and is able to treat different acute problems of the human body.

It is usually marketed as a remedy for surgical wounds and cuts, but it can also treat tooth problems and genitourinary disorders that affect genital organs. It is also helpful in treating stress and anxiety. Other than that, it is also beneficial to treat skin diseases like itchiness, skin patches, and psoriasis.



Psoriasis is a disease caused by immune system disorder. It is a chronic disease and repeats itself after a particular time period so basically, it subsides effects for a time period and then reminisces.
The period when the effects are shown can be in weeks or months. It is often said that the disease does not have any cure but homeopathy has proven that wrong and shows that with correct medicinal help and lifestyle the symptoms of this disease can be reduced for some patients. It can also cure the disease permanently.

The symptoms of psoriasis include

Skin redness and soreness

● Patchiness and cracks in the skin

● Itching and burning sensation

● Skin dryness

● Thickened nails

● Bleeding from skin



The active ingredient of staphysagria is stavesacre while the inactive ingredient is sucrose or glucose.



Majorly, staphysagria medicine is used to heal cuts and wounds due to any surgery or any other reason. It also eases pains that are felt due to those wounds. It also has many other benefits. A list of benefits that staphysagria homeopathy medicine provides are-

● Treats skin issues- Skin redness, itchiness, irritation, soreness , patchiness, and other skin issues can be treated by staphysagria.

● Teeth pain-It eases tooth pain occurring for any reason, especially in children. It also fights other teeth-related problems such as bleeding of gums.

● Abdominal pain- It is also useful in treating abdominal pain that is caused before or after eating.

● Inflammation- Any type of inflammation can be cured by this medicine the ingredients used in the medicine have anti-inflammatory properties.

● Mindfulness- It is a great medicine to treat mind dullness and memory loss. It boosts memory power and increases focus and concentration that gives mindfulness to the patient.

● Urination disorder- If the patient is feeling a frequent urge to urinate that can be treated with this medicine. It also treats painful and burning urination.

● Ovaries- Main issues related to ovaries for example swelling of ovaries, burning sensation or pain can be treated with staphysagria. Staphysagria is the trusted medicine to treat issues related to women’s bodies.

● Irregular periods- It is also a great medicine to treat irregularity of periods. It also treats heavy or low flow in periods, pain or cramps in different body parts, headaches, and other issues a woman faces during her periods.

● Throat pain- Throat pain while eating or swallowing anything can also be treated by the factory.

● Erection problem- It also helps males to combat erection problems due to any reason.

● Wounds and cuts- Wounds and cuts on any part of the body due to any reason can be treated by staphysagria. It reduces the time of healing and also provides relaxation to the area to ease the patient



Staphagria is a great medicine to treat different skin issues. As psoriasis is also related to skin, it can treat and ease the symptoms for the patient. Here are the ways in which staphasagria can be helpful in treating psoriasis

● It can ease irritation, itching, and soreness of the skin

● It can reduce the inflammation and burning sensation of the skin

● It relieves the patchiness of skin

● It is also used as an immunity booster. Psoriasis is an immune system disorder, the medicine can treat it permanently as well.



Staphysagria should only be used after consulting a homeopathic consultant, as some experts believe that the herb used in Staphasagriya can be toxic, if not diluted well. So consulting a physician is always mandatory.



Staphasagria should always be diluted with water. Generally, physicians advise, 5 drops of Staphasagria should be taken in half a cup of water 3 times a day.



Till now, no side effects have been recorded by using medicine in proper proportion. But consulting a doctor before use is a must.{1}



● Keep out of the reach of children.

● Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.

● Breastfeeding mothers should consult a pediatrician before use.

● Dosage should be taken only in the proposition and duration advised by the doctor.



The medicine Saptasagria is being used by physicians to treat many skin-related issues. It can provide instant help in curing psoriasis as well. Being a skin problem, this medicine heals the affected area quickly and provides comfort to the patient in the first few doses.
As it shows no side effects, it is also safe to give it a try. Use the medicine to treat psoriasis and see the instant effects.


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