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The homeopathic medical system is gaining popularity day by day. It is proving itself by giving the best cures to even unbeatable diseases. Homeopathic medical science believes that the body can cure itself. The medicines are only used to create a balance between all the elements of the body. It believes that, if the elements of the body are well balanced, the recovery of any disease can be done within the body itself.
According to homeopathic medical science, the role of medicines is only to create balance otherwise the body has the capabilities to fight any disease on its own. It is very important for homeopathic medical science to create balance as a well-balanced body has a boosted immune system and a proper work balance that enhances the treatment of any disease.{1}

Mercurius Solubilis is one such homeopathic medical science medicine that has proven benefits in many body disorders. Like other medical medicines of homeopathy, it also creates a well-balanced function inside the body, it helps the body to treat itself from many diseases. One of these diseases being Psoriasis.



Psoriasis is a disease that is chronic and happens in cycles. Basically, it appears for a particular period of time and then the symptoms disappear for another time period. This cycle repeats itself multiple times and the time period of appearance or disappearance of the symptoms can be in weeks to months. The actual reason for psoriasis is not known but many experts believe that this problem occurs due to immune system disorder.
When the immune system gets affected, it starts producing the skin cells at a much faster rate. The cells in the skin become extra and hence the symptoms of psoriasis become visible as patchiness of the skin, soreness of the skin, redness of the skin, skin irritation, burning sensation in the skin, and even skin bleeding. Even when this disease is considered an acute disease, it can affect the patient as it causes continuous irritation to the patient.

The body parts that are majorly prone to get affected by psoriasis are knees, elbows, chest, back, shoulders, stomach area, and belly area. It can also affect fingers and toes giving them soreness and itching.



Mercurius solubilis is a homeopathy medicine that has been used by many doctors and consultants to treat acute disorders. It has gained popularity for treating different types of psoriasis. It treats the cause of psoriasis providing effective treatment to boost the immune system and regulate the immune system disorder. Here is complete information about the medicine, its uses, dosage, side effects, etc-



It is very important to know the key ingredients of the medicine. It helps to understand the working mechanism of the medicine.

The key ingredient used in Mercurius solubilis is Black Oxide. This oxide is made up of the metal mercury. This also makes this medicine taste metallic.



This medicine has been used to treat many diseases, some of which are acute. It is also proven to be beneficial for some chronic diseases. It can also be helpful in many long-term diseases by treating the cause of the disease. Here is a list of some of the most common diseases that are treated by Mercurius solubilis

Nose bleeding- If the cause of nose bleeding is temperature, it can be helpful to the patient. Nose bleeding also comes with irregular sweat, which is also controlled by Mercurius solubilis.

Mouth ulcer- Mouth ulcer can also be treated by Mercurius solubilis. It helps remove bad or foul breath and bad taste in the mouth.

Ear Infection- Infection in the ears showing symptoms of pus or blood discharge, swollen glands, and pain can be treated by Mercurius solubilis.

Dental Problems- Dental problems like the offensive taste, bad breath, gum bleeding, increased saliva, and tooth discoloration can be treated with Mercurius solubilis.

Skin issues- Boils and pimples, excessive sweating, eczema, a shallow ulcer can also be treated by Mercurius solubilis..

Genital Problems- Genital problems in both males and females can be treated by Mercurius solubilis. It can treat itching and burning of the vagina(in females), offensive green or white discharge, and swelling of the foreskin(in males).

For pets- Many doctors also use this medicine to treat some of the above problems in pet animals as well.



As it treats any acute and long-term skin issues, it deals with almost all the symptoms of psoriasis relaxing the patient. It also works from within, balancing the immunity disorder, which is believed to be the primary cause of psoriasis. Balancing the immunity system will benefit the patient with a permanent cure from the disease.



The dosage of any medicine should be always advised by the doctor. A doctor can understand the symptom or reason and advise the use of this medicine accordingly.



Being a homeopathic medicine, it has not shown any side effects till now for any patient.



● Avoid tobacco and alcohol during the duration of the course.

● Keep away from children

● Only take under the supervision of a certified physician.



Psoriasis has become a nightmare for people having immunity disorders and the symptoms are very offensive as well. It can make a person ill not only physically but also mentally. As it is a disease that is visible on the skin and affects the appearance of a person, it can affect the self-esteem of a person.
Psoriasis is believed to be a permanent disease with no cure at all, but homeopathy has proven it wrong by treating the patients. Even if it does not treat the disease permanently, it surely provides long-term benefits.
Patients dealing with psoriasis must give Mercurius solubilis a try and the amazing results will be visible to them in no time.


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