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The popularity of homeopathic remedies has increased and the credit goes to the efficacy of these remedies against some major health disorders as they cure them completely. The desire to get permanently rid of disease has made a lot of individuals turn to homeopathic remedies and the reason why they are preferring this over the other treatment options is that homeopathy is beneficial in the long run without causing any certain side effects. Right now we will be discussing a great homeopathic medicine that can effectively deal with some major health conditions like cough, diarrhea, swollen eyelids, digestive problems, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


Graphites 30 and Graphites 200 are two variants available of Graphites-based homeopathic medicines in the market. It is important to know about Graphites based homeopathy medicines because they have a major role to play against certain diseases and to know what kind of states graphites homeopathy health products are available in. For example, it is highly likely that you will come across a Graphites ointment and a Graphites solution as well while looking for the same product. Apart from the state of the products, a difference between their prices can be observed.


Graphites 30 is a homeopathic medicine that is used for treating severe cases of health conditions like cough, indigestion, diarrhea, swollen eyelids, skin problems, and many more. Graphites 30 can be obtained from the allotrope of carbon which is also known as Graphite and is purely made up of carbon atoms. The product is a great example of how carbon-based products can be helpful for carbon-based life forms like us. Graphite for Graphites 30 is usually obtained from Graphite Lead which is essentially a thin rod made up of pure carbon.


Manufacturing of Graphites 30 does require a lot of care, attention, supervision, and guidance so that the final product can have exactly what it is supposed to offer to its consumers. In India, both the ointment and solution of Graphites 30 are manufactured by SBL. SBL is the pioneer in homeopathic pharmaceuticals in India as their products can be found at any reputed homeopathic store. Apart from that, they ensure that every step that is needed to make an excellent homeopathic product is followed while making the product. The quality of Graphites 30 is not compromised and that is why it is one of the most popular and trusted brands in India.


The ingredients used for making homeopathic medicines define what it is going to be used for and how effective it is going to be for that matter. Graphites 30, being a compound of carbon, uses Graphite lead as its source of raw material which is then processed several times before packing it into a bottle or empty tube. Apart from the Graphite lead which is often referred to as Blacklead, Graphite Trituration is also used as a key ingredient while preparing the medicine. Every operation carried out on the ingredients must be done with proper care and attention so that their quality in the final product does not tamper in the slightest manner.


Graphites 30 is a truly versatile addition to the vast range of medicines that are introduced to us by homeopathy. Just like other homeopathic medicines, Graphites 30 aims to eliminate the root cause of the problems and thereby providing great relief from the diseases which are troubling a certain individual. These health disorders can be treated by homeopathy, all you gotta do is to have some patience and have faith in the treatment that you have opted for. Now, let’s take a look at where Graphites 30 and its variants are used and what are advantages that they have.

  • Cough – Extensive cough caused due to any reason like infection or cold can be treated by consuming Graphites 30 tablets or solutions.
  • Diarrhea – You can put an end to the frequent visits to the bathroom by consuming Graphites 30 as it is a great option to deal with diarrhea.
  • Swollen eyelids – Caring for your eyes is an insightful act and Graphites 30 is here to help you with that.
  • Digestive problems – Digestive problems may be caused due to many reasons like eating spicy food, having meals at irregular intervals, and eating a lot of food which might even cause constipation, bloating, and flatulence to a person. Graphites 30 is here to make sure that none of these digestive problems ever ail you.
  • Skin conditions – Skin conditions like pigmentation and psoriasis are also tackled by Graphites 30 of which psoriasis is discussed below.
  • Warts – The providers of an unpleasant experience, warts are eliminated by using Graphites 30.

Apart from these, there are a few other advantages and uses of Graphites 30 but these are enough to make you understand the efficacy of Graphites 30 against so many health disorders. Also, this reinforces the fact that Graphites 30 is truly a versatile homeopathic medicine that can be used for the above-mentioned health disorders.


There is not much information available about the side effects of Graphites 30 on any individual, but doctors have advised that the medicine should be taken only after proper prescription. Also, it should not be consumed mindlessly because overconsumption of any medicine is known to cause a lot of distress which might worsen the condition you are already troubled by. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women are requested to not consume this medicine as its impact on pregnant women and their future offsprings is still unknown.


Graphites 30 come in two forms, that is, solution and ointment. While the ointment can be directly applied to the affected area, there are a few guidelines about the consumption of Graphites 30 in its liquid form however, no information is available in that regard. But, the consumption of pellets of Graphites 30 can be done by taking three to four pellets and putting them under your tongue until they get dissolved permanently. Do not let the lack of information about the consumption of Graphites 30 in its liquid form dishearten you because you can get to know about it by asking your doctors.


The price of Graphites 30 depends on many factors. For one, the state in which it is being sold as Graphites 30 is available in three states – solid (pellets), liquid (solution), and semi-liquid (ointment). These three are priced differently. While the price of the semi-liquid state is kept at Rs. 56, that of the dilution of Graphites 30 stands at Rs. 90. The difference in price can also be attributed to the efficacy and application of the individual product or the demand of the product. It is all a game of demand and supply that manufacturers know very well and manipulate as per their will. However, it is really commendable of those manufacturers who choose to keep their customers above themselves and do not charge a penny extra from them while not compromising with the quality as well. Rest it is up to the buyer as to whom they want to buy the product from.


It is important to know about psoriasis and what it does to an individual to understand how Graphites 30 is useful against the same. Understanding Psoriasis is not a difficult job as it can be explained in layman’s language and since it is a commonly occurring disease, it can be understood in a better way by carefully reading the definition, symptoms, and causes of the disease. So without any further ado, let’s take a good look at what psoriasis is, what its causes are, and how it can be prevented so that we can tackle it whenever it looms upon us.



The condition of accumulation of newly formed skin due to the rapid growth of skin cells on a specific part of the body or the entire body which results in scaly, patchy, itchy, and irritable skin is known as psoriasis. The occurrence of psoriasis in an individual happens due to the autoimmune disorder as that is what triggers the abnormal growth of skin cells. Apart from that, alcohol, smoking, stress, reaction to medications, injuries, and infection are responsible for triggering psoriasis and its flare-ups. Scratching on the itchy area will only worsen the case, so it is advised to get the primary treatment when early symptoms of psoriasis are observed and consult a doctor upon the persistence of symptoms.


Prevention of Psoriasis is quite easy as it does not require an extensive schedule that you might or might not find hard to follow. All you need to do here is to take care of your skin by providing it with all the necessary moisture. For that, either you can drink a lot of water or you can use a moisturizer. Also, proper hygiene should be maintained so that Psoriasis cannot worsen upon its emergence. Apart from that, quitting smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy food for a while would be a really smart thing to do which is advised by doctors as well.


Graphite 30 is beneficial for your skin as it not only provides relief from some major problems associated with psoriasis but also works towards the betterment of the skin by providing it an overall treatment. In the case of Psoriasis, itching the affected part too much can cause bleeding. Also, the skin gets all rough, dry, patchy, and always has a leather-like texture to them and that is when the need for Graphites 30 arises. The healing properties of Graphites 30 are truly exemplary and that is why Graphites 30 and its variants make for an amazing remedy for Psoriasis.

Adding a few more points to the information written above – Graphites 30 is used against Psoriasis when it is at an initial stage causing itchiness, dryness, roughness on your skin. Graphites 30 can be used to deal with the patches caused due to Psoriasis as those patches often turn into pustules that leak pus after some time. Therefore, using Graphites 30 solution or directly applying it against the affected part can provide great relief from psoriasis with amazing efficiency.


Since homeopathic medicines do not really possess any kind of threat to the users in terms of how they are made and how they are used, there is hardly a need to follow any kind of precautions. But, just to be on the safe side, let us stick to the following precautions –

  • Consumption and application of solution and ointment respectively must be done only after proper consultation from the doctor.
  • The medicine should be kept somewhere where the kids cannot reach it.
  • The medicine should not be consumed by pregnant women as it might cause some complications with their pregnancy.
  • Dosages advised by the doctors must be taken, nothing more or less than that would work.
  • You must check the bottle for any discrepancies before buying it for yourself.

So, these were a few points that can be used as safety precautions before the consumption of medicine.{1}


Psoriasis is a skin condition in which the affected person does not have to rely on just a single form of treatment as it has two other options to go for and between those two, one is way better than psoriasis. Let’s take a look at what those treatment methods are –

  1. Allopathic Treatment – Allopathic treatment focuses on using heavy chemical-based medicines which might or might not suit your system. Also, the efficacy of different medicines varies for different people.
    Allopathic treatment lacks on two fronts – firstly it is focused on providing a temporary solution to the problem and secondly, it has only an operation to offer as a permanent solution for your health problems. For psoriasis, there are treatments like creams, gels, ointments available but in the end, it all comes down to expensive operations like phototherapy. But these operations and medicines are not really affordable by many, so there must be an alternative to both Homeopathy and Allopathy which can be looked at as a symbol of hope.
  2. Ayurveda – When you are tired of the long-term process of healing naturally by using homeopathic medicines and you are sick of the side effects that allopathy medicines bring alongside them then you should consider Ayurveda as it has a lot of medicinal herbs which can be used against Psoriasis. Ayurvedic herbs like aloe vera, guggul, neem, and garlic can be used to treat psoriasis among men and women. Ayurveda offers a permanent solution to psoriasis without asking you to go through any operations or surgeries.

These were the two methods that are being widely used by a lot of people across the world as an excellent replacement for Homeopathic treatment.


It is time that we sum up the information we have gathered for you so that you can know what the major takeaways are. First things first, Graphites 30 is an ayurvedic compound that is meant to treat health disorders like cough, diarrhea, swollen eyelids, digestive problems, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is made up of graphite trituration and black lead which is essentially a carbon compound. The price of the dilution of Graphites 30 is kept at Rs. 90 and the price for ointment are kept at Rs. 56. There are no known side effects of the medicine and if there is an observation of any side effects, you can get yourself a doctor immediately. For more help, you can just get in touch with us whenever you wish to know more about any health-related issues by filling in the information below.


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