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Calcarea Fluorica 6x is more than we know about. Know everything about its effectiveness here.

Out of all the industries we have and know around us for example – the food industry, clothes industry, garment industry, etc. The most impactful and volatile is the medical industry.

Though we know that the share market is the most volatile, don’t get confused, here we are talking about industries. Medicines belong to a necessity market, where people have to buy medicines to get better. And everybody wants to get better. There is no doubt about it.

Though doctors prescribe us medicines and guide us through the process, the actual effect occurs due to the medicines. Medicines give us hope and control our symptoms or diseases for us to live better ahead. Though we should always stay away from the possibilities of taking medicines by staying fit, it is not always possible. So, we should know the best alternatives to the chemical medicines in the market and get the required help.

One such medicine is Calcarea Fluorica 6x, which helps with many diseases and ailments. So let us know more!


Calcarea Fluorica 6x is homeopathic medicine. It is uniquely termed to be the biochemical tablet. Biochemic medicines are used as an alternative approach nowadays, which are prepared with natural substances. It is believed that these natural substances are prepared uniquely to enhance the effectiveness of the medicine and can be taken in small doses frequently.

The approach here is to bring the medicine at power with the allopathic ones, to provide a better alternative. The biochemical medicines are prepared using tissue salts acting as the best alternative. The key ingredient in the medicine is Calcarea Fluorica which helps in bringing elasticity. It provides elasticity to the ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues along with teeth and bones.


Calcarea Fluorica 6x is made up of calcium fluoride minerals. Surprisingly, we can find calcium fluoride naturally present in our body itself, in the bones and teeth.

Since childhood, we hear the importance of milk, curd, and other dairy products for our body because they contain calcium.

  • Calcium helps in strengthening our bones along with various other functions.
  • It helps the blood vessels to move blood smoothly throughout the body and helps in releasing hormones and enzymes which affect the whole body.
  • Calcium also helps in strengthening the muscles in the body to maintain the movement of the nerves. This helps in effective communication between the brain and other body parts via messages or nerve signals.

On the other hand, fluorides help in mineralizing our bones and teeth to keep them hard. Fluorides mostly help in maintaining dental health and preventing dental diseases. This is why it is always present in our toothpaste and mouthwashes.

This is how the composition of the medicines gives us a clear picture of their uses. The medicine not only helps in strengthening the bones and teeth but also provides elasticity to the joints and ligaments which eventually determines the functional movement of the bones.


Calcarea Fluorica 6x uses are not restricted to just one disease. It is useful in a lot of problems. So, let us dive into its uses.

  • The medicine helps with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. It helps in providing relief to dry, flaky skin along with pus-filled skin due to specific types of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a condition where a layer of dry and flaky skin appears due to the rate of increase in the production of skin cells. The skin becomes itchy and dry along with recurring redness and pus-filled patches which makes the situation very irritable.

Also, Calcarea Fluorica 6x is used for white discoloration and skin ulcer conditions. It helps in curing the yellow discoloration and hard edges of the skin occurring due to skin ulcers.

  • It helps in curing varicose veins. In this condition, the deoxygenated blood carried by the veins from the organs to the heart for purification is hindered. Due to internal damages in the veins resulting in enlarged and bulging out veins often with color changes into black or blue. This is caused due to the damages caused in the veins. Since the medicine is highly effective in smoothening the blood flow from the blood vessels, it helps in curing the symptoms of varicose veins which generally occur in the lower body.
  • Apart from that, Calcarea Fluorica 6x also helps in joint pains by soothing the ligaments, or joint muscles with the help of its elasticity.
  • As we already know, it is an excellent remedy to cure mouth problems like tooth decay or mouth ulcers due to the presence of fluorides. It relieves the swelling in the mouth, helps in fixing cracked tongue and weak teeth in their sockets. It provides an overall strengthening to the teeth making them hard and strong.
  • Speaking of swelling, Calcarea Fluorica 6x is also effective in helping with hard swellings occurring on the male reproductive organs.
  • Calcarea Fluorica 6x helps in providing relief to the burning sensations in the throat due to tonsils or other infections. It keeps the respiratory tract in check and looks over cardiac troubles as well.
  • The medicine not only helps with skin infections occurring on the body but those occurring on the scalp as well. It strengthens the hair to ensure the prevention of hair fall and treats dryness or ulcers on the scalp. At times, hard deposits settle on the scalp for unknown reasons. They might be the accumulated natural oils oozing out from the scalp of dead skin cells. The medicine helps in reducing these hard deposits as well.
  • The biochemic remedy is said to provide relief during conjunctivitis and cyst formation in the eyes. Helps with cataract eye disease as well.
  • The Calcarea Fluorica 6x medicine helps in stomach problems as well. It helps with the constant formation of gas in the alimentary canal, helping with gastric problems. It provides relief to the vomiting in infants and young children for diarrhea or anus complaints. Surprisingly, it is an effective remedy for treating and provides relief to the rectum and anus areas. Pile is a disease where the blood vessels which are present in the rectum get inflamed due to no specific cause leading to piles. It creates painful problems for defecation and sitting activities.

Seeing the effectiveness of one medicine over so many diseases can be the work of homeopathic medicine only. The Calcarea Fluorica 6x uses are beneficial for many parts of the body.


Calcarea Fluorica 6x prices vary according to the power and quantity of the medicines. However, an average price for a bottle of 25 to 30 tablets costs us between Rs. 90 to 100. Different brands and sites are offering the medicines, some having discounts and cashback options as well.


The Calcarea Fluorica 6x tablets are homeopathic medicine. This means it requires to be consumed at least two times a day. However, we must not consume the medicines upon our wish.

We must consult a doctor and know the correct dosage of the medicines. Consulting a doctor helps us in finding out the correct dosage and also helps us know the limit. So that we stop ourselves from overdosing on the medicine. Overdosage of medicine is never healthy, so make sure to be careful.


Every coin has two sides. This logic is not restricted to only coins but we also see that

  • Every human has a good and a bad side
  • An entire 24 hour day has two sides: day and night
  • Overall, every good thing has some bad and vice versa.

So, with this logic, we now understand that even if medicines are good and they help us fight our disease, they might have some bad effects as well.

Let us know about Calcarea Fluorica 6x side effects.

So, the good news is that there are no side effects of the medicine. The only caution we have to maintain is taking the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Consulting with the doctor is important because she/he knows our body in and out and will help us choose the medicines. We must always share our allergies and the reactants with our doctor.

Also, pregnant women must take the medicines only after the recommendation of the gynecologists.


  • SBL WORLD CLASS HOMEOPATHY This was started in 1983 and has made a difference ever since. It is a manufacturing company that manufactures the best quality homeopathy medicines of all types: generics, singular remedies, combination medicines like biochemic tablets, and other specialties as well. The full form of SBL is Sharda Boiron Laboratories Ltd., which was opened with the collaboration of a laboratory in France. The labs are used for manufacturing the medicines and testing the international processes to deliver the best product in the market.
  • B.JAIN PHARMACEUTICALS – The B.JAIN group has an experience of more than 50 years in manufacturing homeopathy medicines. It is well-known for its quality-rich and effective medicines for patients. Along with dealing in medicines, it has diversified into various other fields like education, manufacturing of personal care products, and lending a hand in exporting Indian Handicrafts.
    The export of medicines to 25 other countries outside India is an inspiring success story especially when it has Indian origin. It surely is a proud moment for Indians to know about it. The comprehensive benchmark regarding quality assurance helps in building trust in the products and can be seen or felt after using them.
  • DR. RECKEWEG & CO HOMEOPATHY – The pharmaceutical company was started 80 years ago by a German physicist Dr. Heinrich Reckeweg who had the vision to manufacture natural medicine for all the people. 80 years hence his legacy is still carried out effortlessly and beautifully all across the world. The quality of the carefully chosen ingredients is the company’s USP which makes it stand out. It had dealers all across the globe which supplies the medicines to the general people without fail. It is actually because of these dealers that help the company in maintaining a smooth global presence and performance.
  • DR. WILLIAM SCHWABE INDIA – This is the manufacturing facility responsible to manufacture the medicines for Indians. This company is headquartered in Germany where it was established in the mid 19th century due to the rise in demand for natural medicines. The Indian manufacturing branch follows the legacy and vision of its master by maintaining the quality of the products. They use the best machines out there in the world.
  • BAKSONS HOMEOPATHY – Dr. Bakshi is the man behind the bakson’s homeopathy. Dr. Bakshi is a highly skilled and renowned homeopath. He has been the president of the Central Council of Homeopathy for two terms and Vice Chairman of the Board of Homeopathic System of Medicine, New Delhi serving for two terms. He has always believed in creating awareness about homeopathy and its benefits and started to educate people via Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) talk shows. He is world-renowned and so are his medicines. Both the company and the doctor have helped millions of people by treating their problems and contributing to making the world a better place to live.
  • MD HOMOEO LAB PRIVATE LIMITED – The lab is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India, and was started by Dr. M. D. Singh in 1995. The main motto was to provide quality medicine at reasonable prices. The doctor wanted to reach out to all the Indians who are in need which is why the focus was to price the medicines affordably.


We now know that Calcarea Fluorica 6x medicine helps us to cure many problems and diseases. It is not restricted for its usage. This is the beauty of homeopathy medicines. Though some medicines are disease-specific still they benefit some other parts of the body as well.

We got to know that Calcarea Fluorica 6x medicines help us with fighting skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. The main symptoms of these diseases are

  • Providing dryness to the skin
  • Causing flakes in the skin
  • Occurring in patches and causing itchiness
  • Redness in the patches
  • Pus filled in the patches

These are very irritable to handle and bear with the pain it causes.

So, here is where Calcarea Fluorica 6x medicines come into play and help us in relieving the pain. The medicine helps in reducing the pain and dryness of the skin which makes the disease very much manageable. The most interesting part of the medicine is its ability to control the white pus that gets filled in the patches.

The calcium and fluoride minerals help in strengthening our bones and teeth, making them hard and strong for better functioning of the body. Strong bones help in maintaining a structured framework of the body and the teeth diseases are kept at bay too.

So, we now understand the importance of Calcarea Fluorica 6x medicines for our bodies. Make sure to consult the doctors before consuming the medicines.{1}


Reading the reviews helps us in trusting the medicine more before consuming it. Let us read through some Calcarea Fluorica 6x reviews:

Here were some of the reviews from experienced customers. We hope it motivates everyone to make a purchase.

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