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Bio combination 20 is a medicine that is used to cure acute skin disorders. Bio combination 20 works on homeopathic science providing a combination that is used in minimum dilution and provides maximum effects. Bio combination 20 is claimed to be used for different skin problems especially those related to the formation of scales on the skin. One of the diseases that produce scales on the skin is psoriasis.

Psoriasis skin disease is believed to be chronic and cycling. By chronic, it means that it is a long-term disease and usually claims to have a rare or no permanent solution and by cyclic it means, it repeats the symptoms after a particular period of time and then disappears for another time span. Psoriasis can affect any part of the body but usually, it is seen on fingers, toes, belly, chest, shoulders, back, and face including eyes, ears, and lips.
It is one of the most common problems in the world that is affecting 100 million people around the world that is approximately 3% of the total world population. Even if the symptoms are not very severe, when they appear again and again and show similar symptoms it can be very irritating and uncomfortable for the patients to deal with.
Psoriasis causes white patches on the affected area, making it unpleasant to look at, which is another reason for discomfort.

Many doctors and consultants believe there is no permanent cure for psoriasis and ones affected the patient has to deal with it for the entire life but homeopathy has proven that a better lifestyle combined with correct medicines and correct doses can cure the symptoms of psoriasis and make it disappear for a longer period of time. It also relaxes the symptoms during the appearance period of psoriasis providing ease and comfort to the patients.



Having a combination of 5 very important components, Bio-Combination 20 is very helpful in treating psoriasis. It provides relaxation to itchy and dry skin, reduces soreness, and redness of the skin. It also deals with a patchy scalp and triggers healthy cell growth. As psoriasis is an immune system disorder, and the medicine Bio combination 20 balances this disorder giving a long-term cure to psoriasis.



Bio combination 20 is a combination of a few components where each of them plays a major role to create a perfect combination to treat the diseases. Bio combination 20 uses the following components to create the perfect combination of a medicine

Calcarea fluorica 6x

● Calcarea sulphurica 6x

● Natrum muriaticum 6x

● Kalium sulphuricum3x

● Natrum sulphuricum 3x



This combination is used to treat a variety of medical issues related to skin. Here is a list of the issues that can be treated by this combination-

Treats Acne and pimples- Bio combination 20 is known to provide healthy skin. Acne and acne scars are very common in puberty due to hormonal changes. Having acne without any hormones is a sign of unhealthy skin. This combination is really helpful to provide health benefits. It is also helpful to regulate immune system disorder which is also another trigger to acne.

Eczema- Eczema is a skin condition that causes skin inflammation, swelling and cracking in the skin. Eczema can also trigger psoriasis symptoms and can provide discomfort to the patients. Using Bio Combination 20 along with a few precautions can treat eczema from roots and provide healthy skin.

Herpes- Herpes is a disease that is highly contagious and once caught, remains in the body forever. The virus of herpes can get activated again anytime. Herpes causes red bumps and white bristles on the infected area. While treatment to cure it is not yet available, Bio-Combination 20 can reduce the inflammation and irritation caused by bristles. These bristles usually last for a maximum of 14 days.

Post-surgery adhesion- Post-surgery adhesion is a problem that is faced on the skin after any surgery. Here two dissimilar particles combine with one another. It can last for even months after the surgery. It can cause many problems like urinary bladder dysfunction, bowel obstruction, difficulty in passing gas, and even infertility. Bio-Combination 20 can also be helpful in this and reduce the symptoms.

Chilblains- When the capillaries below the skin get damaged due to over-exposure to cold, it causes inflammation in hands and feet. Bio combination 20 can ease this inflammation as well.

Abscesses – It is usually a collection of pus, that causes pain and burning sensation and can be cured by Bio-Combination 20.



For adults, it is advised to intake 4 tablets at a time repeating every three hours, and for children 2 tablets at a time repeating every 3 hours. These doses are the general advised doses. As from person to person, the need of the medicine differs, depending on their body and disease, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before using it.



Homeopathy is a medical science that is blessed with no side effects. Usually, Bio combination 20 or any other medicine does not show any side effects if taken in advised proportion, dilution, and course period.



● Bio combination 20 or any other medicine should only be taken after consulting a doctor.

● For children, it is very important to consult a pediatrician or homeopathic doctor.

● Breastfeeding women and pregnant women need to consult their doctors before use.

● Keep away out of children’s range to avoid unnecessary or overuse of the medicine. In case of accidental intake, immediately consult a doctor or homeopathic physician.


Psoriasis is believed to have no cure. But as it is a cyclic disease, its remission period can be increased by providing maximum comfort. Even when the disease is active, the symptoms can be reduced with the proper usage of this combination. This combination is specially curated to treat skin problems and hence works wonders for psoriasis patients.


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