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Do you have acne, pimples, and uneven skin? You have used various branded products but they haven’t been effective? Are you tired of switching your skincare products? Don’t worry! A gel known as Berberis Aquifolium gel can be a lifesaver for you all. This gel treats your acnes and gives you fairer skin. You would not be disappointed after you buy this gel. But at the same time, the effect of the medicine may vary from person to person so always consult your skin doctor before using it!


Berberis Aquifolium gel is considered a unique homeopathic remedy used for getting clear and glowing skin. Berberis is an herb that is used as a medicinal plant and aquifolium is a homeopathic herb that helps in treating acne. Berberis vulgaris is a shrub of berbus and is well known for having anti-inflammatory properties,

Berberis Aquifolium is in the form of a gel that helps you to get rid of the acne and gives you a light complex. This gel is recommended for people having dry skin, acne-prone skin, discolored skin, and people having dark circles. You must be surprised to know that this gel ranks number one in homeopathy for improving facial texture. This priceless gem never fails to bring a glow to your skin and balance your texture.


Before moving further let’s first discuss what is homeopathy? Why is it famous? Remember in earlier times, when a soldier used to get injured, Haldi was used to cure its scars and wounds? And your mother giving you “haldi wala doodh” whenever you are sick or get injured?

Homeopathy has many benefits and is very effective in healing. Homeopathy is a process that is based on the notion that the body can heal itself. Chemicals are not used in these medicines instead plants and minerals are used. By using plants and minerals it is believed that they help in the healing process. Homeopathy does have negative effects on the human body.

Homeopathy strengthens your body’s defenses by boosting the immune system and thereby helping you to recover quickly. It is beneficial to infants, children, mothers, and the elderly.


Berberis Aquifolium homeopathic medicine comes in a white cylindrical tube filled with gel and having a transparent color. It has a very amazing smell of sandalwood and turmeric. Berberis Aquifolium gel is one of the best solutions you can find in the market for treating acne, dull skin, dark patches, and other related skin problems. This gel can be used by both men and women but please make sure that if the gel is having any side effect on your face you must stop using it.

We all know you think it takes time to show its results likewise this gel takes typically 3-4 weeks before it shows improvements in your skin. After 3-4 weeks this homeopathic treatment will start healing your skin and you will see a change in your skin tone and acne will be visible. The effect of the medicine is based on how well your body/skin reacts to the medication and what is the severity of your problem like if you are having a lot of acne then it may take more time to heal if compared with a person having less acne. Yes! It may take longer but the results are amazing!

Talking about how this medicine is different and unique in itself from the rest of the branded products that are available in the market? This medicine is made from natural herbs, plants, and minerals which itself makes it unique, no harsh chemicals are added to the products. Thus making it 100% safe and very effective in the skin.


A company named Sharda Boiron Laboratories Ltd which was incorporated in 1983 is the manufacturer of this medicine. They are one of the largest manufacturing companies in India. The company began its operations by joining hands with Laboratoires Boiron of Lyon, France. It provides a diverse choice of world-class homeopathic medicines, including generics, single remedies, biochemical/combinations, and specialties. The company aims at providing high-quality medicines at a low cost. The foundation of SBL is its Research and development. And due to their continuous research and development, they can bring out the best product having unique qualities at a very affordable price. They believe in developing and upgrading to a better version of themselves.

A surprising thing about this company is that it is the only homeopathic company in India to date whose Research and Development Lab has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The chairman of SBL in an interview which was published in Homeopathy For All Vol 8 No. 5(90) June 15, 2007, said that “Majority of the Indian population by the year 2020 will consider homeopathic treatment as their first choice”. What do you think? Was he right?

Among other things, SBL is the only company that tests every liquid formulation for microbiology. This means you don’t need to worry that their products will have fungus and any other contamination which can harm a person’s life. They use demineralized water in their manufacturing process and even for washing the tubes or bottles in which the products are filled.


Berberis Aquifolium gel contains the following ingredient:

• Berberis aquifolium Q in 10% v/w

• Sandalwood

• Turmeric

Berberis aquifolium is the essential herbs that are being used for treating acne, scars, pigmentation, or discoloration in the body.

We all can’t deny the magical benefits of sandalwood and turmeric. Sandalwood consists of skin lightening agents and has inflammatory properties which help in the reduction of blemishes and acne. Turmeric has the same qualities as sandalwood. Moreover, turmeric is famous as it has fast healing properties. Due to the presence of turmeric and sandalwood, the gel has a very pleasant smell.


Berberis aquifolium uses are multiple.This gel has a very good healing power because of the ingredients which are used in it. And of course, homeopathy medicine has more advantages as compared to its disadvantages. Let’s discuss the benefits of using this medicine:

1. Heals your skin

2. Makes your skin clear

3. Removes dark patches of your face

4. Very effective for dry skin, have pimples, acne, or discoloration

5. Say bye to dark circles

6. Skin becomes soft

7. Provide relief from pus-filled eruptions

8. Prominent marks or scars on your face are cured

9. Excellent homeopathic acne cure

10. Available at any homeopathic store at a very affordable price.

So many benefits! Hopefully, after reading these amazing benefits you are going to try this product.


Homeopathic products are most likely to be safe and not cause any substantial damage to your skin. The medicine doesn’t have any disadvantages because it is made up of natural products and natural products don’t harm your skin!

But not every person is the same, similarly, this medicine may not have the same effect on every person. For some, it may be super beneficial and do wonder but for some, it doesn’t work! There can be chances that turmeric or sandalwood might not work for your skin. They may not show any effect or be very effective for you!


There have been various researches done by many eminent scholars on homeopathic medicines and all have arrived at one outcome that berberis aquifolium gel medicines are 100% safe and don’t have any side effects. Rather they heal your body fast as compared to other medicines that have chemicals in them. But exceptions are always there.

There can be a situation when you might be allergic to turmeric or sandalwood. There can also be situations where you may get rashes, or develop blisters or even have itchiness after applying the gel. So, in case, if you are facing any side effects by using this gel, stop the use immediately. You can also consult a doctor if needed. Moreover, it is advisable to first go to your skin doctor if you have sensitive skin and then start using the gel if prescribed by the doctor.

Contraindications: It is advisable not to use this gel if you are allergic to Berberis aquifolium or turmeric or sandalwood.


Now comes the stage when you need to use the product. If you use gel in the right way then only it will be effective. Remember this is an external application gel only! Let’s discuss the application stages:

  1. Clean your face: Always wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it before applying the gel to the affected areas.
  2. Applying the gel: After you are done washing your face, the next step is to apply the gel to your face. This is a very crucial step. You must apply it in the right way.

•The gel should be applied only on the areas of the skin that are affected.

•Gently rub it on the effective area until it gets absorbed in your skin. While rubbing keep in mind not to apply the cream on fresh wounds. Just be sure to not rub the gel on your skin very harshly especially when your face has acne. Rubbing in such a manner can make your acne pop!

•You can use the gel twice a day or as prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor has prescribed you to use it thrice a day or once a day, make sure you adhere to that because your skin doctor knows your skin better!

  1. Read the Instructions: Also, you must have seen that on the backside of every product there are instructions on how the product must be used. It is advised before applying to read the instructions carefully before using.

It is important to keep this medicine out of reach from the children and even pets. After applying the medicine, store it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Check the expiry date of the medicine before applying.


Generally, the creams or gels that treat your acne, scars, and dark circles are very costly. But it is not the same with this gel.

This gel comes in a nonbreakable plastic tube. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy this product. It is readily available online or in the medical stores near you and also in the homeopathic stores. Most of the online stores won’t let you buy this product in a single quantity. To avoid buying 2 gels, it is better to go to the nearest pharmacy or homeopathic store and buy it yourself.

This gel is available only at 56 rupees for a 25gm tube. A magical medicine that works wonders on your skin at a very affordable rate. But you must be thinking when this medicine is so useful why it is being offered at such an affordable rate. There is a reason behind it! The company aims at giving a world-class product without charging high rates. Their motto is to provide “excellence at no cost”. Isn’t that great?



The manufacturing company SBL, uses fresh herbs to make the gel more effective. Berberis Aquifolium Gel helps in treating acne, pimples, pigmentations on your body. This external application cream comes with no side effects, it is a 100% safe product that can be used by both men and women. Only in rare cases, side effects are visible. It can be said that this medicine is a valuable gem!


FAQs are helpful as they provide the customer all the valuable information about the product. After doing some research on the gel, we found out some common FAQS that every customer wants to know. Read on to know more about this gel.

Wash your face with water and then apply the gel only on the areas that are affected. Make sure the gel gets absorbed perfectly after applying

Yes, the gel is very effective in providing a glow on your face and removing blackness only if used regularly or as prescribed by your doctor.

No, these products only cure acne, dark spots, and scars

Yes, of course, it does not cause any complications in pregnancy.

No, this gel can be applied anywhere on the body where you have acne be it chest, shoulder, or neck.

No, you don’t need any prescription for buying this medicine

It is advised to apply it twice a day. If your doctor has advised you to use it thrice or once a day make sure you stick to that. Because over-applying is not beneficial!


People always tend to look at the reviews first and then buy a product. This product has done wonders for people! If you search on Google the reviews of Berberis Acquifolium Gel, you will be shocked to see that Google is flooded with only good reviews on this product. Be it YouTube views or platforms like Quora, Amazon’s review section, etc. you will only see how this gel has proved to be magical to men and women as well! Some of the popular reviews have been mentioned below:

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