Homeopathic medicines have slowly found their way into our lives because of the fact that they are highly effective when it comes to permanently getting rid of a disease. This is the reason why a lot of people are preferring this mode of treatment over the rest because they know that the long-term relief they seek lies within their grasp through homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines have benefitted against many diseases like Psoriasis, Pigmentation, Constipation, Gas, Stomach Aches, etc. Today we’ll take a look at an effective homeopathic remedy for psoriasis known as Arsenicum Album.


Knowing about medicine is important because otherwise, you would not know what it has in the store for you. You must know everything that you are supposed to know about medicine which you are going to use against your health problems.

That is why we have prepared an elaborate analysis of what Arsenicum Album is, who manufactures it, what are the ingredients used in making the medicine, what are the pros and cons of the medicine, and how efficient the medicine is against psoriasis.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into the details of the medicine.


Arsenicum album 30 and its other variant Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH are homeopathic syrups that can be used to treat diseases like piles, cough, acidity, congestion, respiratory disorders, and skin conditions.

The availability of Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch has made it possible for the syrup to reach more people because people are nowadays preferring to buy from the internet rather than going outside due to coronavirus and that reminds us of an amazing advantage of this medicine – it is effective against the coronavirus to some extent. It is wise of many homeopathic practitioners to recommend this medicine for the health disorders which are listed above.


There are a lot of homeopathic pharmaceutical companies in India that are actively manufacturing top-quality Arsenicum Album which is used against certain diseases. However, the one that is recommended the most by medical practitioners is that of SBL.

SBL has a wide range of homeopathic products which are accepted by a lot of individuals due to their efficacy and quality. Also, the medicines produced by SBL are prepared with great attention to detail so that nothing wrong gets mixed up in the Arsenicum Album. Every safety measure is followed at their manufacturing facilities to ensure that every batch is equally good.


The ingredients of medicine define what it is going to be helpful against. That is why it is important to know about the ingredients which are used in making Arsenicum Album so that you can have an idea about how beneficial it is going to be against the health disorders which have been mentioned above. Arsenicum Album uses Arsenicum Album as its main and active ingredient and organic sucrose as its inactive ingredient.

These two work together to provide a permanent recovery against diseases like piles, cough, cold, constipation, indigestion, psoriasis, and pigmentation. There are some other ingredients that are used, but they are not as significant as these two.


The purpose of showcasing the uses of the medicines which also double up as its advantages is to let the readers and potential consumers know what kind of health benefits they can expect upon the consumption of the medicine. These advantages also help a person identify the quality of the Arsenicum Album. So, let’s take a look at the advantages –

  • Respiratory Problems – Problems that are majorly associated with the respiratory systems like cold, cough, and wheezing are efficiently eliminated by Arsenicum Album.
  • Infections – Different types of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections are dealt with by medicine with great efficiency.
  • Acidity and Indigestion – The medicine is also used for relief from acidity and indigestion which are also responsible for causing piles and constipation.
  • Corona Virus – The most dreaded problem that the world is facing right now is the Corona Virus and there is nothing much that can be done to cure it right away, but homeopathic medicine works like a great prophylactic and provides basic protection against coronavirus by strengthening our immune system.
  • Stress and Anxiety – Mental health disorders are also helped by the consumption of Arsenicum Album as it has some effect on the brain which when overdone could cause brain damage to you.
  • Fever – The medicine is also helpful against the fever caused due to any external or internal factor like weather or infection respectively. The use of medicine in case of fever is recommended by doctors as well.

Apart from these advantages, the medicine is also famous for its effect against skin conditions like psoriasis by providing relief from scaly, patchy, irritable, and colorless skin.


Every medicine has its set of pros and cons and Arsenicum Album does have a lot of pros while only a few cons. The comparison between the two must be done so that the consumer can know better about the medicine and why it is being picked up by a lot of people. Now we have already understood the pros of the medicines, it is time that we take a look at some of its disadvantages or cons –

  • Slow Process – A common occurrence with homeopathic medicines is that a majority of them have a slow process, that is, they take a lot of time to show the results and the user gets bored and drops the treatment by the time the medicine begins to show its impact.
  • Interaction With Other Medicines – Interaction of homeopathic medicines like Arsenicum Album with other medicines might prove fatal for your health and therefore, it would be safe to follow only a single medication that would have little to no side effects of their own.
  • Lack of Research – One thing that is very annoying about Arsenicum Album is the lack of research about important issues such as its impact on pregnant women, how it affects children etc. That should be corrected.
  • Arsenic – Arsenic is a highly dangerous element for human bodies and a little human error in the manufacturing of one bottle could ruin the lives of many. 


The medicine is taken in small quantities and this reduces the risk of any kind of side effect by a huge margin and that is why the product has gained a lot of popularity among individuals. However, there are some reports about how the overconsumption of the Arsenicum Album syrup caused a person to get severe side effects that were nonexistent at first.

Hence, multiple types of research are being carried out every day to know what causes homeopathic medicines to react so strongly upon overconsumption. Also, it is advisable for pregnant women to not use this syrup as it might cause complications during and after pregnancy.


The consumption of Arsenicum Album does not require a lot of study as all you need to do is to pour two to three drops of the syrup into a tablespoon of water and chug it down. Repetition of the same process at least thrice a day is recommended for better results. Apart from that, any doubt regarding the consumption of Arsenicum Album can be put forth to the doctors you have been in touch with. Communicating with the doctor about the usage of medicine will only make it easier for you to recover.


Pricing a medicine is one of the most crucial aspects of selling it. Nobody will go for a medicine that is priced at an expensive price and cannot be afforded at all. Keeping that in mind and to ensure demand from every corner of the society, it has been a great move on the part of SBL that it has kept the price of Arsenicum Album at just Rs. 90. This price varies as per the region or website that you are buying the product from and that is why any confusion regarding the product’s price must be avoided.


Now that you are familiar with the advantages possessed by Arsenicum Album, it is time that you understand how effective the medicine is against Psoriasis. In this section, we will quickly understand what Psoriasis is, what it causes or triggers, how it can be prevented and how Arsenicum Album can shush this awful condition away. It is important to know about these because otherwise, you would not know whether Psoriasis can be cured by using Arsenicum Album or it is just a hoax. Without wasting more time, let’s jump right into it.


The rapid buildup of skin cells due to an autoimmune disorder is known as Psoriasis. Psoriasis can be best defined by the fact that a person suffering from psoriasis develops a lot of skin in a very less amount of time which results in the appearance of patchy, scaly, whitish-silver skin which is often followed by occasional itching, rashes, redness, and sometimes colorlessness. Psoriasis can be treated by using different kinds of treatment methods available in the world. However, if it is a permanent solution that you desire, then you must go for the homeopathic treatment.


The appearance of psoriasis in an individual is usually because of the fact that the skin cells are manufactured by our body faster than they should and these skin cells keep on accumulating on the body until they form thick layers of new skin which is too persistent to go away without a proper treatment. Apart from that, there are some phenomena that act as triggers for the occurrence of psoriasis. These triggers include –

  • Stress – Stressing a lot about certain things is sure to damage your well-being by causing flare-ups of psoriasis.
  • Alcohol – Overconsumption of Alcohol is responsible for a majority of flare-ups in psoriasis.
  • Smoking – Smoking also has an important role to play in triggering psoriasis in an individual.
  • Injury – Psoriasis could be triggered by any injury in the area which was previously affected by psoriasis.
  • Medications – Interaction of two different medications might cause trouble in people with psoriasis.
  • Infections – Infections are also held responsible for triggering psoriasis.

Apart from these, there are some other triggers that can worsen psoriasis or just increase the chances of flare-ups but they are not as noteworthy as those mentioned above are.


Psoriasis can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle wherein the major focus should be on proper blood circulation, no alcohol consumption, no smoking, no involvement in any kind of unhygienic processes, and you would be good to go.


It is time that we take a quick look at how Arsenicum Album is effective against psoriasis. If research is to be believed then Arsenicum Album is beneficial for those who have their psoriasis triggered due to stress and anxiety because Arsenicum Album has a great effect on our brain when consumed in moderation. Arsenicum Album is also used against dry and patchy skin, an aftereffect of psoriasis.

Consumption of Arsenicum Album can help against dry and patchy skin, it is also beneficial in keeping the urge to itch the affected region at bay. Apart from that, the scaly and patchy skin caused due to psoriasis can be prevented by using this wonderful homeopathic medicine which is manufactured by a lot of companies across the world. Apart from this, research is being carried out about the efficacy of Arsenicum Album against Psoriasis and how it can permanently cure a person of the disease.


Being a homeopathic medicine, there is not much that could become a matter of concern when it comes to the consumption of the medicine. However, there are some basic things that you must ascertain before consuming the syrup. Firstly, it should be ensured that you are not going to have an allergic reaction to any of the syrup’s content. Secondly, the effect of the syrup on pregnant women is unknown, therefore it is advised that they should stay away from the syrup. Lastly, when you buy the medicine, it must be made sure that its seal is not broken or damaged.{1}


  • I had never heard the name of the Arsenicum Album. One of my friends told me about this when he discovered my psoriasis problem. So, I bought the syrup from a nearby homeopathic store and used it regularly. After a few days, the results were visible as the scaly skin slowly wore off and my natural skin took its place.
  • Psoriasis has been an age-old problem for me and despite trying a lot of medicines, I could not get rid of it. One day, my mother brought me this little bottle of Arsenicum Album and told me how to use it. So, I did use it for a few days just out of curiosity, and to my surprise, my condition began to improve quickly. I would certainly recommend this product to other customers.
  • I used to have a lot of rashes, redness, and itchiness on my skin. This condition made it impossible for me to go out and socialize properly. A close friend of mine told me about this homeopathic medicine called Arsenicum Album and I was reluctant at first, but then I tried it. I was astonished at how well the medicine worked against my skin condition. I have told many of my friends about medicine and how beneficial it has been for me.
  • Psoriasis was truly an annoying condition for me and I was looking for some permanent solution for it. I had tried a lot of skincare products and natural remedies which did not seem to work on me. One day, I came across this amazing medicine known as Arsenicum Album so I ordered it upon reading the customer reviews. Just after a few days, the results were visible on my skin. I am glad that I picked this medicine.


Arsenicum Album makes for an efficient homeopathic remedy for psoriasis as it uses its ability to rejuvenate the dead skin cells and helps in growing back the new cells so that our skin can get its glory back.

The price of the homeopathic remedy is also kept at an affordable level so that everyone who is in need could purchase it. Many medical practitioners recommend the use of this solution in case of any health disorder which concerns lungs, skin, nose, digestion and sore throat.

The medicine outshines many of its competitors because it has more health advantages than the others. For further information about psoriasis and its homeopathic treatment, you can contact us by filling the following form.

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