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According to the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations, approximately 125 million people suffer from psoriasis. This widespread prevalence of psoriasis makes it a global concern that scientists are rigorously working to find a permanent solution for.

Psoriasis refers to a chronic condition of the skin in which disturbance in the autoimmune system leads to a rapid buildup of skin cells, causing the skin to be inflamed, itchy, scaly, and painful. There are many types of psoriasis, classified on the intensity of the skin condition and areas they impact.

Psoriasis is often accompanied by many other health concerns as it impacts the autoimmune system of the body and renders it somewhat vulnerable to infections and bacteria. Patches of psoriasis can manifest in one area of the body and then move on to affect more of it, making its management even more crucial to those who suffer from it.

While the exact causes of psoriasis have not yet been discovered, it is known that genetics and the immune system play a huge role in how the disease manifests and impacts a person. There is sufficient information available on the various types of psoriasis and their symptoms, making it possible for doctors to distinguish between the degree and nature of suffering faced by psoriasis patients. Moreover, this information has enabled experts to develop some medication and treatment for psoriasis. Though not curable, the condition can be controlled through the treatment of its symptoms.

As psoriasis is a very serious condition that requires long-term treatment, there can be many fatal downsides to the medicines that help control the symptoms. As a result, more and more people have turned to homeopathic medicines for the treatment of psoriasis. One such homeopathic medicine that has received a lot of attention for its effectiveness in treating the symptoms of psoriasis is Arsenicum album 30, a derivative of one of the most used remedies in the field of homeopathy.


Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy sourced from a compound known as aqueous arsenic trioxide and is prepared when the compound is diluted till there is a very little amount of arsenic left in the dose being prepared. It is a naturally sourced compound that is found in foods like grains, poultry, mushrooms, dairy products, and seafood. It is extracted from these foods and is treated to remove the poisonous and harmful elements of it before it can be used for treatment because of how toxic it is in its natural form.

Not only is it useful for the treatment of psoriasis, but also for the treatment of problems like asthma, inflammation, pain, digestive disorders, and pain. This makes the medicine extremely versatile and effective as it works against those viruses and bacterias that a weakened immune system cannot properly respond to while it treats patches of psoriasis.

The variant of the medicine most commonly used for this purpose is Arsenicum album dilution 30 ch, while the medicine is available in varying degrees of potency.


Arsenicum album 30 is often used for the treatment of psoriasis as it is a fastidious medicine that leads to reduced inflammation and itchiness on the skin and treats the problem from within. The consumption of Arsenicum album 30 on patches of psoriasis is effective as psoriasis is healed by warmth, which this homeopathic remedy is capable of providing. Moreover, it protects the body from the internal impacts of autoimmune diseases by strengthening the immune system after it is compromised by the impact of diseases like psoriasis.

Arsenicum album provides protection against invader bacteria and viruses as the warmth it generates kills them before they can harm the body. This medicine is also used for the treatment of coughs, fever, wheezing, anxiety, etc. It is very versatile and one of the fifteen most used remedies in homeopathic treatments.


Arsenicum album is manufactured by many companies nowadays and it is getting easier to buy Arsenicum album 30 online as its availability is increasing in the market. Many major brands sell this product as it can be bought and used without a prescription, the product is safe to use and does not contain chemicals and drugs that need to be rigorously regulated. However, with a vast market comes an increased possibility for risk. It is important to look for a brand that can be trusted and transparent and produces Arsenicum products that can be trusted.


Having been derived from natural sources and being homeopathic in nature, the Arsenicum album is a very simple remedy and is not formulated with a long list of complicated ingredients. The most effective Arsenium album is made using two key ingredients, additives are usually not added to the list but can be if the formula is tweaked to provide any additional results. The key ingredients of Arsenium album diluted 30 CH are:

  • Active ingredient: Arsenicum album
  • Inactive ingredient: Organic sucrose

Arsenicum album can be used by most people to treat psoriasis, as well as other ailments. The only people who might need to be careful are those that are sensitive to potent ingredients like arsenic, or those who might be sensitive to any of the given sources of arsenic. Though the source of the arsenic used in the formulation of Arsenicum album 30 is not in direct relation with the final product, it is always better to be careful than suffering because of carelessness.


As has been mentioned before, Arsenium album 30 is extremely beneficial for those suffering from psoriasis as it can provide relief from inflammation and pain that results from the disease. However, homeopathic medicine provides a lot more benefits than just relief from psoriasis. The various health benefits that the consumption of Arsenicum album 30 can lead to are:

  • Relief from itchy and scaly skin as body is replenished and treated from within
  • Relief from inflammation
  • Relief from cough and breathing difficulties
  • This medicine can be used to treat fever that is yet to come into full effect
  • Relief from digestive problems like indigestion and acidity
  • Relief from weakness due to an inhibited immune system

These are those benefits of Arsenicum consumption that have been studied and recorded by experts in the medical field. As research is still ongoing, there is a possibility that new health benefits and advantages of this remedy will come to light. There is no doubt that this remedy is effective in the treatment of the problems it claims to treat, thousands of reviews and user testimonials provide proof for that.

Seen in the context of the current situation, it has been found that Arsenicum album 30 is being used by people as a preventive measure against COVID-19. Though this is a very recent development and not a lot has been found out about the effectiveness of this homeopathic remedy on the coronavirus, it is a speculation that its ability to boost immunity and heat up the body can help people fight against corona. This itself is suggestive of the strength of Arsenicum.


It is recommended that the liquid form of the medicine be consumed thrice a day, 2-3 drops diluted in 1 teaspoon of water. In case Arsenicum album pellets are being consumed, it is recommended that pellets be dissolved under the tongue 3-4 times a day. For ages 2 to 11: 5 pellets each time, and for ages 12 and older: 10 pellets each time. This is the dosage recommended for those who do not consult a physician before deciding on taking the medicine. For those who have been in touch with a doctor, it is suggested that they consume the remedy as per the instructions given to them rather than what is on the label.

As the medicine is manufactured by many brands and comes in various levels of potencies, it is important to check the label for recommended dosage. Consuming more Arsenicum album than recommended can harm the body instead of treating the problem for which it is used. If there are any concerns regarding the effects of Arsenicum, they arise from the dosage. It is suggested that caution be practiced with the use of the Arsenicum album.


With a potent medicine comes the possibility of it having harmful effects on the body despite the relief it might provide for some ailments. When it comes to Arsenicum album 30, no side effects related to its consumption have been found other than some drowsiness as it takes effect. The medicine does not harm the body and provides health benefits at no added risk.

However, as the case is with all medicinal substances, there are always some exceptions. While it does not cause any harm to the people who use this remedy to cure psoriasis or other health issues, there are some safety hazards that one needs to be mindful of. The warnings and safety hazards that one should keep in mind while using the Arsenicum album are:

  • This medicine is formulated of arsenic, which can be harmful if not diluted properly or consumed in high doses. Consult a doctor if you feel a burning sensation or discomfort in your stomach after consuming the medicine.
  • If the use of Arsenicum causes vomiting or heaving, discontinue the usage and visit a doctor.
  • Do not use Arsenicum if the safety seal is broken as it might have been contaminated and would be unsafe to consume.
  • Keep the medicine out of the reach of children as it is very potent and can cause harm to them if consumed carelessly.
  • Make sure that the brand you purchase your product from is reliable and produces high-quality products as poor quality of Arsenicum can lead to poor health conditions and fatal side effects
  • Do not use the product if you are allergic to even one ingredient on the list as it might have some negative health effects.

The most important factor, as mentioned above, is the quality of the product as a product that is of high quality will not cause any side effects or harm. Another factor is proper to use. If consumed in quantities more than recommended, even the best of products will have consequences.


A bottle of Arsenicum album diluted 30 CH, containing 30 ml of product, can cost from anywhere between Rs.90 to Rs.200 whereas a bottle containing the only 10ml of product can range from anywhere between Rs.200 to Rs.300. The price of the product also depends on the brand you are purchasing from, a brand that provides quality products is likely to charge more. However, this would still not amount to much as homeopathic medicines are pocket-friendly. The price of Arsenicum album 30 usually does not exceed Rs.300

One thing to be kept in mind is that the price of a product can be an indicator of its quality, this holds true for the Arsenicum album as well.


It is safe to say that there are no alternatives to the Arsenicum album and that conditions that need the help of the Arsenicum album to be corrected cannot be treated by simple dietary and lifestyle changes. As Arsenicum is toxic and can prove to be poisonous for humans if not consumed in the correct manner, it is unsafe to look for alternatives that might not be approved and formulated to suit the body. It is best if the medication is used instead of other sources. Research suggests that only processed and diluted arsenic is capable of providing health benefits while completely negating the harmful effects.

When it comes to the treatment of psoriasis, there might be alternative treatments available but there are no alternatives to the use of the Arsenicum album. Depending on the nature of psoriasis, alternative treatment options can be taken into consideration.


Though one of the most effective ways to treat psoriasis is through the use of homeopathic medicines like Arsenicum album 30, there are other methods of treatment that can be

employed. Some alternative treatments to psoriasis are:

  • Ayurvedic treatment: There are various ayurvedic remedies that can help treat psoriasis. Herbal oils, herbal roots and herbs, and spices can be used to make soothing salves to be applied on psoriasis patches.
  • Allopathic treatment: Treatment for psoriasis can also be found in allopathic science in the form of medicines to be orally consumed and creams to be applied to affected areas.

Though there are many possible medical paths for the treatment of psoriasis, none is as effective as homeopathic medicine. While ayurvedic medicines can provide instant relief from pain and inflammation, they do not treat the condition internally and do not provide any long-term health benefits. The effect is instantaneous, not effective. Allopathic medicines are also effective in the treatment of psoriasis but they are harmful when consumed for a long period of time. They do not treat the condition by targeting the root cause, but by targeting the symptoms.


Arsenicum album works by introducing a small amount of arsenic in the body, the toxic nature of which prompts the immune system to react and protect the body. The consistent administration of this procedure can work to strengthen the immune system. Arsenicum album also prevents the inflammation and flaking of the skin by inhibiting the bodily functions that lead to the rapid build of skin cells.

Studies and user testimonials depict a positive response towards this treatment plan and more than 90% of people have noticed a significant improvement in their psoriasis and have been able to better deal with symptoms.


It is evident that the most effective way to treat psoriasis is through homeopathic treatment. The compromised immune system and the affected patches of skin are targeted directly by homeopathic medicines, along with any triggers that might worsen the condition. The use of medicines like Arsenicum album 30 proves to be effective as they target the root cause of the problem, or the triggers if the root cause is not identifiable. The approach is not to provide instant relief but to provide long-term riddance from the problem along with other health benefits.

A major advantage of homeopathic medicines is their capacity for providing more than they are used for. For instance, the Arsenicum album can treat various serious issues like low blood pressure and digestive issues along with psoriasis.

Various brands have undertaken the job of formulating this medicine to help the significantly large population suffering from psoriasis. As there are a lot of options available in the market, there are a lot of factors that you should consider while deciding on the potency and dosage options available. While there is no doubt that the Arsenicum album for psoriasis is effective, it is essential to ensure that thorough research is conducted before a product is decided upon. Equipped with information, you can begin your journey to better health!

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