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Psoriasis is a chronic, non-communicable autoimmune skin disease the skin usually gets red and itchy with the formation of scales that are dry, in some patients who have a darker complexion their skin gets purple. Psoriasis has no permanent cure and also the amount of seriousness is decided by the area that it covers over the body, this area can be small or even the entire skin of the body may get affected.{1}
The skin gets injuries and these injuries can result in psoriatic skin changes at the particular affected area, these skin changes are known as the Koebner phenomenon.



Possible reasons for psoriasis which triggers the skin disease include:

  1. Extreme weather conditions are either too hot or too cold. It is seen in people suffering from psoriasis that they tend to get the infection spread more in their bodies during the summers when it is too hot or during winters when it is too cold and psoriasis spreads.
  2. Stress can be one of the main reasons which start the skin disease in the body, any type of stress is harmful to the body whether it be work stress or stress due to some family problems as it triggers the brain to excrete certain chemicals in the body which in result starts giving birth to any kind of disease.
  3. Smoking is also an important reason for the spread. That is why the first recommendation of the dermatologist to their patients is to stop smoking. Also, second-hand smoking should be avoided if you cannot avoid direct smoking.
  4. Alcohol consumption not only tends to weaken your immune system but also affects the liver and creates digestion-related problems that cause other impaired functionalities of the body and this may result in some kind of skin disease.
  5. Rapid withdrawal of systemic corticosteroids.
  6. Some bug bites or rashes over the skin may also turn into severe cases if not paid attention to.
  7. Family history plays an important role in determining that the upcoming off-springs are more likely to be infected or not. If one of the parents is having psoriasis then there is a risk for the child to get infected too in the future, but if both the parents are having psoriasis then the child will have even more risk of getting this skin disease.


Psoriasis is classified into five major types that are

  • Plaque Psoriasis: 90% of the cases are of plaque psoriasis out of total cases of Psoriasis, Plaque Psoriasis is also called Psoriasis Vulgaris and generally it is in the form of red patches with white scaling over it. Usually, it occurs over the forearms, back, and scalp.
  • Guttate Psoriasis: The cases of guttate psoriasis are not high in number, and the lesions formed are drop-shaped.
  • Inverse Psoriasis: It appears as red patchy skin in skin folds.
  • Pustular Psoriasis: This type of psoriasis leaves a blister filled with pus.
  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis: This type of psoriasis is developed from the pre-existing form of psoriasis where the rashes get spread in a larger area.


In general at some point of time during psoriasis, a person affected can see the change in color of fingernails and toenails. The symptoms are even worse in winters with medication that includes beta-blockers or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Psoriasis can sometimes be genetically determined in the case of identical twins. On the basis of symptoms, the proper diagnosis is done and then the medication starts.
As psoriasis has no permanent cure so medication and treatments are done in order to lower and control the symptoms. The major medication involves steroidal creams, creams that have Vitamin D3 in them, UV light treatment, and some drugs like methotrexate to suppress the immune system. More than 125 million people suffer from this disease, both men and women equally. There is no certain age cap for the disease but generally, it starts during adultness.

In general, the treatment and medications done belong to the allopath department but many people tend to find the cure of psoriasis in Ayurveda, in Ayurveda Psoriasis is called Kitibha, and as per the concept of Ayurveda, Kitibha comes under the classification of Kshudra Kushtha this occurs due to the continuous practice of Apathya Ahara and Vihara as this revokes the Dosha and Dhatu eventually causing Kitibha.{1}
The effective method of reducing the symptoms provided by Ayurveda is Arogyavardhini Vati, which comes with a lot of benefits for people suffering from the disease.



Ayurveda simply means the science of life, this science was discovered in India 5000 years back, since then Ayurveda is providing us with all the goodness of nature in its best form. One more such goodness Ayurveda has provided us in the form of this magical herb.
Arogyavardhini Vati is a magical herb that is used to treat a multitude of diseases that comprises a broad group of heart disease, liver, and intestinal diseases, even in the treatment of teeth and gums and majorly in the treatment of psoriasis disease.
The word ‘Arogyavardhini’ can be broken down into ‘Arogya’ and ‘Vardhini’ where Arogya signifies a body without any disease and ‘Vardhini’ signify to improve thus it improves health and keep the body free from any ailment.



Arogyavardhini Vati is prepared by following the recipe.

  • Two parts of each Triphala i.e. Haritaki, Amalaki, and Bibhitaki.
  • Three parts of Shilajatu.
  • Four parts of Guggulu.
  • Four parts of Chitrakmool.
  • Twenty-two parts of Kutki.
  • Juice extract of Neem leaves.
  • One part Shuddha Parade.
  • One part Shuddha Gandhaka.
  • One part Abhraka Bhasma.
  • One part Tamra Bhasma.
  • Use starch for a binding agent.

Kutki, Triphala, and Chitramoola are made into powder form and stored in a closed vessel while Shilajatu and Guggulu are further purified by the Swedana process. Fresh neem leaves extract is made by grinding and juicing the leaves, the above-created powders are mixed with the juice well and proceed to Bhavana process at least for 3-4 hours.
Then it is let dry at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The mixture of Shilajatu and Guggulu is then mixed well with the dried powder, simultaneously the Loha Bhasma, Shuddha Gandhaka, Shuddha Parade, Tamra Bhasma, and Abharaka Bhasma have proceeded for the Mardana process for grinding in order to get Dhatu Kajjali that is a mercury alloy.

After mixing all the ingredients well so that the entire mixture becomes homogeneous, a starchy agent is used to withstand all the ingredients together and give them a proper round shape so that they look like tablets.
Let us have a close look over what are the health benefits the ingredients used in Arogyavardhini Vati offers.



The main power of arogyavardhini lies in its ingredients. Let’s know about the major ingredients of arogyavardhini below:

  1. Triphala is a mixture of three powders i.e. Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. They all together help in fighting diseases like indigestion, jaundice, anemia, hair fall problems, and constipation.
  2. Shilajit is a thick sticky exudate that is obtained by years of subjection to extreme pressure and temperature under the huge layer of rocks. The beneficial aspect of the ingredient is that it is highly effective in breaking kidney stones, also helps in breath-related problems, piles, and skin diseases such as psoriasis.
  3. Guggulu is extracted from the bark of the Mukul tree and has a gum-like texture which is then purified to get ready for being used in different ayurvedic formulas. It helps in the treatment of cardiovascular issues, atherosclerosis, and obesity.
  4. Kutki is used to harmonize the diseases, it has a bitter taste and thus named katu rasa, it is highly effective in the treatment of liver issues, respiration-related problems, skin conditions like psoriasis, and digestive problems by removing toxins from the body.
  5. Chitramoola is a root extract of the Chitrak tree, this is obtained by drying the root of the chitrak tree in sun. The herb helps to deal with the myriad of problems of digestion, hemorrhoids, skin problems such as psoriasis and it also promotes appetite.
  6. Neem leaves juice is used to increase the efficacy of the Arogyavardhini vati, as it has an antioxidant property and eliminates free radicals from the blood thus it works great in case of blood disorders and heart-related problems.
  7. The starchy substance is only used with the motive of providing binding capacity for all the ingredients in order to attain a tablet shape.


Made with all such ingredients which are so effective in the treatment of body ailments, Arogyavardhini Vati provides a ton of benefits and can have multiple uses in different types of health-related issues, few of the uses of Arogyavardhini Vati are discussed below let us see them all.

  1. Digestion: Helps indigestion, the anti-flatulent property of herbal medicine helps in reducing down the gas formation in the alimentary canal, hence results in the reduction of problems like bloating, weak digestion, and flatulence. Also, the vati helps in stabilizing the acid levels and also increases the appetite by reducing down the indigestion issues in return promoting a fit and healthy digestive system.
  2. Skin diseases: Arogyavardhini Vati is a magical vati that helps in curing a lot of skin diseases and even reducing down the symptoms of chronic ones. The presence of Triphala in the abundance makes the vati effective in removing the toxicants from the body, also the anti-inflammatory properties of the vati act as a remedy for treating acne and eczema-like skin diseases. The free radicals get eliminated from the body because of their antipruritic nature which also helps in giving relief from the itching and other allergies such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, and sunburn caused due to inappropriate surroundings.
  3. Constipation: The vati helps in softening the stools which help to create a more natural bowel movement and help to get rid of the problem of constipation. The other elements present in the vati like shilajit not only help to give strength to the intestines but also increases the secretion of bile juice from the liver for the smoothening of the peristalsis movement in the intestines which helps to pass the fecal matter from the body. Thus in return prevents chronic constipation.


Arogyavardhini Vati has enormous health benefits which help to improve the overall health of the human body, the main fuel for the body is energy and energy comes from the food we eat which is digested by the digestive system so if a human being who is having weak digestion or a weak digestive system could get the amount of energy what he/she ate for?

The answer is no, so to get the best out of the food that a person ate, he/she must have a proper and healthy functioning digestive system.

If a person is suffering from psoriasis then the person is even at more risk to get other health conditions such as Conjunctivitis, Blepharitis, getting Type 2 diabetes, the problem of high blood pressure and Hypertension too, also you can develop other conditions like Psoriatic Arthritis that cause pain and swelling in joints and around the joints.

The arogyavardhini vati is taken on the prescription by seeing the severity of the patient, this is diagnosed by an Ayurvedic doctor and then proper dosage as per your need is directed by the doctor, as taking the dosage by own may get you in serious trouble.
The dosage limit is set to be 120mg – 500 mg on a minimum side and this can be taken at max thrice in a day or as advised by the expert. The vati can be taken with lukewarm water or can be mixed and stirred in water with honey in the morning or as directed by the physician.

The vati is a powerful medicine which helps to heal the overall health of the body by performing a multitude of purifications in the body, the main purifications are removal of free radicals from blood in order to give healthy skin and also it helps to even get the toxicants flushed out from our body, toxicants are accumulated in our body from our day to day bad eating routine, and gradually the accumulated levels start hampering the natural processes of the human body due to which many people suffer from some of the skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

Psoriasis is although a non-curable skin disease but the Vati helps to lower the symptoms to a very great extent it purifies the blood which heals the skin from inside out and reduces the symptoms such as red skin and dry white scales over it



The Arogyavardhini vati comes with a ton of benefits and taking it by a doctor’s prescription helps you to get rid of various bodily ailments and conditions, also it helps in reducing down the symptoms of various skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema but taking it without consultation of the physician may put you into some serious trouble as you would not be knowing the exact dosage for your condition so you might overdose it and this could lead to some severe allergies.

Some of the arogyavardhini vati side effects are as follows:

  1. Severe allergies on overconsumption of the vati without any doctor’s prescription.
  2. Stomach aches and gas-related issues may occur on overconsumption.
  3. Over usage of the vati may cause a Mouth ulcer.
  4. An increase in bleeding and delay in the healing of wounds could result from overconsuming the vati.
  5. Vertigo.
  6. People with kidney issues should strictly consult the doctor and take the prescribed dosage as per the severity of psoriasis.
  7. People with heart disease should avoid taking the vati as it could worsen their heart disease.
  8. Women who are pregnant should avoid taking the vati as it could lead to various other gas issues and their stomach may feel a bit bloated which could unease their situation.

So we have gone through what is arogyavardhini vati, its uses, and benefits, also what are the damages or arogyavardhini vati side effects that the medicine can cause if taken without any doctor’s consultation. Although the vati is an excellent medicine as it helps in dealing with a multitude of diseases and disorders and in case of disease which does not have a permanent cure the vati turns out to be a reducing agent that reduces down the symptoms caused by the disease.



Ayurveda has always answered our unsolved problem simply and more naturally, it has so much to give us which can all be used in the treatment of various kinds of ailments.

The arogyavardhini vati helps in dealing with psoriasis and gives relief by lowering down the symptoms of this skin disease. Since psoriasis does not have a permanent cure so most people shift towards Ayurveda leaving behind the Allopathic approach for dealing with the disease.

It is a powerful ayurvedic medical marvel that has tons of health benefits. For more Ayurveda-related remedies for the ailments keep visiting our site, we feel happy to help you, and feel free to reach us if you have any queries regarding the same.

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