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Homeopathic medicines have managed to attract many people because of the plenty of virtues possessed by them and barring a few side effects, they actually make for a great treatment option. Homeopathic medicines have been around for a while now and they are being used by a lot of people depending on the health problems faced by them.
For example, there is this amazing cream known as Aqui Plus which is known for the benefits it has against skin conditions like pimples, acne, psoriasis, itchiness, etc. If you have any of these skin conditions, you can get this cream for yourself and today we will tell you everything about this cream.
Let’s take a look at the detailed analysis of the medicine and know everything about the same.


Before you pick any medicine or choose to follow any remedy, you must be aware of what that medicine is all about. For that, you need every single piece of information which will help you make a decision about whether you should buy it. That is why we have gathered every essential information about Aqui Plus cream and you must not skip this part. If you choose to skip, you will be missing out on a lot of things that might have saved you from some trouble if you were just a bit more attentive to what follows now.


Aqui Plus is a homeopathic cream that is manufactured by a lot of homeopathic pharmaceutical companies in India. It is meant to take care of skin conditions like pimples, itchiness, Psoriasis, blackheads, acne, warts, and skin infections. It is popular among many people because of the fact that it does not have any major side effects on its users and it can be purchased at an affordable price.
It is a naturally made cream that uses natural ingredients so that its users are never at risk of any kind of side effect. Besides, users of this cream have left many positive reviews which you can read below, but before that, you must know about some other information about this excellent homeopathic remedy for skin conditions, such as Aqui Plus cream price, Aqui Plus cream side effects, Aqui Plus cream benefits and how it is going to help against Psoriasis.


Aqui Plus is manufactured by a lot of people but Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd made Hapdco Aqui Plus cream seems like a viable option because it is made with high-quality ingredients and under the supervision of homeopathic experts.
It is important for a manufacturer to understand the need for a safe, effective, and quality rich medicine so that its customers can recover quickly from whatever ails them. Since Aqui Plus is meant for skin conditions, it becomes important for the manufacturers to take extreme care about the quality of the ingredients which are used in it as the smallest act of negligence can cost a person the health of their skin by damaging it furthermore. Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. is a reputed organization and is famous for its quality in homeopathic medicines.


It has been already mentioned that the ingredients used in making Aqui Plus must be of great quality because it is their quality that gives the whole mixture the strength to fight our skin problems.

The major ingredients used in making Aqui Plus are Berberis Aquifolium, Thuja Occidentalis, Calendula Officinalis, and Curcuma Longa which provide the cream the ability to combat skin conditions with great efficiency. It should be noted that Berberis Aquifolium is also available as a separate homeopathic medicine that could be used against Psoriasis and other skin problems which means you get the power of two homeopathic medicines in a single pack of Aqui Plus.


It is time that you now get to know what your Aqui Plus cream use is going to be about because this is where you will get the answer to this question – is aqui plus cream really useful? Well, the cream is useful in many skin conditions which have already been mentioned above, but let’s revisit them properly this time.

  • Itchiness – It is quite a normal skin condition that has ailed many people and many of them enjoy itching as well. It gives them an odd sense of satisfaction, but when this condition worsens, you must get Aqui Plus cream to tackle it.
  • Pimples – Teenage is the golden age of pimples as it is exactly this time around that these little monsters take over your face, but if your pimples do not go away, then you must not wait in picking up this cream.
  • Blackheads – It is difficult to blame this condition on a single factor, but if you ever come across this one, you can have faith in the medicinal properties of Aqui Plus cream.
  • Acne – Again, difficult to blame a single issue. They can be there because of so many reasons, but Aqui Plus is going to make them quit by using the combined effect of its ingredients.
  • Psoriasis – A highly problematic skin condition that has a lot of causes and triggers. Aqui Plus cream provides great relief in this condition which has been discussed below in detail.
  • Warts – The appearance of warts on different body parts is a natural phenomenon and it can be treated by using Aqui Plus cream.
  • Skin Infections – Skin infections can be caused by many things. Reasons like surgeries, medical reactions, allergic reactions,s, etc. are responsible for this, but the application of Aqui Plus cream on the affected area can treat it effectively.

There are other minor skin problems in which this cream can be used upon consultation from the doctors. Apart from that, we are going to discuss the effect of this cream on Psoriasis and how this cream is actually beneficial against Psoriasis. But right now, let us take a look at the side effects of Aqui Plus cream.


It is highly unlikely for homeopathic medicine to have any side effects when it is consumed under proper guidance and in moderation. However, there are some cases wherein these medicines are simply unsuitable for a person’s body type and that is why they suffer great discomfort at the hands of these medicines.

Aqui Plus, being an external use-only medicine, does not really have any known side effects. But for people who have an extremely sensitive skin type, it might cause some minor troubles like rashes, burning, itching, redness, etc. and they all can be avoided by consulting with your doctor prior to using this medicine.


Aqui Plus cream is obviously not meant for consumption as it is meant for external use only and that too on the skin affected by acne, pimple, Psoriasis, etc. The prescribed use of Aqui Plus is that you should apply it at least thrice a day on the affected area until the results get visible.


The affordability of medicine is what makes it accessible to a majority of the population in India. There are cases when people can not get the best medicines meant for their health problems simply because they could not afford them. This is not the case with Aqui Plus as it is available at just Rs. 100 for a 25 grams pack. The homeopathic cream manufactured by Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. is affordable to all those who are troubled by different kinds of skin conditions and they can easily purchase it from any homeopathic store in their area or order it online.


By now you have read almost everything about Aqui Plus, except what it does against Psoriasis. But there might be some who are not aware of this condition and it is important for them to know about it because if they don’t, then they will not be able to identify Psoriasis when it comes for them. So, let’s understand what Psoriasis is, what causes and triggers it, how Aqui Plus is going to help us in case we ever develop the problem of Psoriasis.


A skin condition can be defined by how it looks on the affected person. Well, the accumulation of excess skin tissues caused due to an autoimmune response to a certain trigger helps in the development of patchy, flaky, itchy, and pustular layers on our skin.
These excess skin tissues are responsible for the condition and if a person does not know what Psoriasis is then there is no way they could know how to prevent it.
Prevention of Psoriasis could be done by living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates healthy food, a balanced diet, no alcohol, and no smoking.{1}{2}{3}

Apart from that, it is important for us to know what causes Psoriasis and what triggers it. So, let’s see what they are all about.


Like it has been said earlier, the major responsibility of occurrence of Psoriasis falls on the autoimmune disorder which led to the formation of excess skin tissues. But apart from that, there are certain things which can either cause or trigger Psoriasis, like –

  • Skin Allergies – If a person is allergic to certain medicine, cream or gel then there is a high chance that their Psoriasis might get triggered.
  • Stress – It is an infamous and effective contributor towards the reemergence and worsening of Psoriasis in an individual.
  • Alcohol – Overconsumption of alcohol has worsened Psoriasis for many and it has also triggered the condition.
  • Smoking – Before skin cancer, smoking is going to trouble you with Psoriasis by triggering it and worsening it.
  • Surgeries – Surgeries have been known to cause Psoriasis among many people as they have sensitive skin. They have also acted as a trigger to many skin conditions other than Psoriasis.
  • Reaction to Medicines – Our skin is very sensitive and any medicine which does not go well with it, can cause it to react differently and thereby causing skin conditions like Psoriasis.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, there are some minor reasons which can trigger Psoriasis, but now it is time to understand how Aqui Plus is effective against Psoriasis.


Aqui Plus is effective against Psoriasis because it is specially designed to deal with it. The ingredients used in making the cream are meant to fight Psoriasis and the troubles associated with it. Apart from that, Aqui Plus is known to have a great efficacy against multiple skin conditions which also happen to be aftereffects of Psoriasis. Let’s take a good look at some other ways which make Aqui Plus effective against Psoriasis.

  • Anti-inflammatory – Aqui Plus has great anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief in Psoriasis.
  • Moisturizes Skin – Psoriasis is about dried up and patchy skin and moisturizing of the skin can be effectively done by using Aqui Plus cream.
  • Acne – Acne induced by Psoriasis is also tackled by this cream with exemplary efficiency.
  • Itchiness – Psoriasis causes a lot of itching on the affected area and therefore one should use this cream to keep the itching at bay.
  • Skin Infections – Skin infections are triggers of Psoriasis which could be dealt with by this cream.

The cream is recommended by a lot of homeopathic practitioners for Psoriasis.


It is not like a health problem can be dealt with by a single method. If a health issue can be problematic to you in a lot of ways, there sure are many options to deal with it. With Psoriasis, the case is no different as there are two more methods that can be used to fight against Psoriasis with great efficiency. These two are better and worse than homeopathy in some aspects, so let’s see what they are!

  1. Allopathic Treatment – Allopathic treatment refers to the usage of modern medical technology against health problems like Psoriasis. To deal with Psoriasis, there are three major options available at Allopathy – Oral, Topical, and Surgery. In oral treatment, the pills are prescribed to reduce the autoimmune response which has caused or worsened Psoriasis. In topical treatment, the application of creams and gels on the affected part helps in recovery. Surgeries like phototherapy are used to deal with Psoriasis permanently, but it is an expensive affair. Allopathy beats homeopathy because it gives instant relief, but loses to the same as it has side effects and is not affordable to many.
  2. Ayurvedic Treatment – Ayurvedic treatment has been around for ages now and you can use it against Psoriasis by implementing the various natural remedies that it has to offer. These natural remedies do not have any side effects and can be used effectively against Psoriasis. Ayurveda seems to be better than homeopathy in every sense because it is a natural mode of treatment with little to no side effects, but the affordability of homeopathic medicines beats Ayurveda.


It is safe to assume that you have gone through the above data and if you have not, then it is okay because the essence of everything said above is right here. Aqui Plus is a homeopathic medicine that works against skin troubles like itchiness, acne, pimples, infections, warts, blackheads, and Psoriasis.
Psoriasis finds its match in Aqui Plus because of the many natural ingredients that work against this skin condition with their combined strength and for maximum benefit, apply the cream at least thrice a day on the affected area.
The cream is affordable to all as it is available at just Rs. 100 for a 25 grams pack. The side effects include – rashes, burning, itching, redness, etc. but they all can be dealt with by consulting a doctor.

If there is anything that has been troubling you regarding your health, you can contact us by filling in your details below. We will love to hear from you.


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